Com 537

Com537 - Best Game Productions has high quality standards the customers have come to expect, love, and depend upon when purchasing Best Game products. The new video game due for release prior to the holidays has a known bug and does not meet the quality standards of Best Game Productions.
Com 537 - After completing much research along with holding several meetings with key personnel directly working on the release of the new video game the decision is to delay the release because of quality issues. After the conversations the quality of the video game does not meet or exceed the standards of the company and the best option is to delay the release of the video game until the quality meets or exceeds the company standards.
Fin375 - The video game has several benefits no other game in the industry has from the competition, including the quality of graphics, new maps, and challenges, especially with the competition. The length of the video game is longer than games in the current series adding a huge benefit in the perspective of the customer. The recommendation is to offer a special limited time introductory price on the purchase of the video game instead of introducing at regular price. If the customer decides to pre-order the game at the special limited time only introductory price the customer can also receive a test version, also known as a Beta version, of the game to build anticipation to the release but satisfy the customer during the slight delay. During this time the developers will resolve the issues with the quality of the game.
Fin 375 - The slight delay will allow the developers to improve the quality of the game to meet Best Games quality standards and work out the bugs for the ultimate experience in the series of games with a better quality product.

Com 537

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